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Role of Superintendent in Golf Course Maintenance Training


How you have set up the golf course, how well it is maintained, and there are many other factors that can affect the golfer’s experience directly or indirectly. You have hired a great staff. You have invested in Toro golf course equipment or equipment of some other leading brand. However, only half of the work is done yet. Even when some of your new employees know how to operate Toro golf course equipment, you have maintenance policies, procedures, and schedules that are different from other clubs. These employees too need to attend training sessions.


Just like many other duties, this duty is also for the golf course superintendent. The superintendent should make the new employees aware of the maintenance standards and procedures. They should know what is right and what is wrong while setting up and maintaining the club. The training is based on the roles and responsibilities assigned to individuals. However, etiquette training and other training sessions related to the behavior and appearance of employees must be attended by all employees.


So, let’s see what is included in the maintenance training.


Equipment training

In case you cannot invest in new Toro golf course equipment, you can buy used turf equipment. None of the equipment and tools are easy to use. These are complex. Most of the times, you need to adjust every equipment daily. For example, a mower is adjusted according to the height of the grass. And then the cleaning and maintenance of each equipment are also very complex. Sometimes it can potentially dangerous if the employee is not handling equipment with care.

So, the superintendent should arrange training sessions, make sure that employees are participating and learning and at the end of the day, they are able to operate and maintain the maintenance equipment. New and untrained employees should be restricted from using equipment they can’t operate. Every golf course maintenance equipment comes with an operator’s manual. The same operator’s manual should be used during the training. The superintendent should keep the original manual in his file and its copies should be distributed to the training staff. These manuals contain important information related to the operation, maintenance and safety of the equipment.


Chemical training

There are various chemicals used in the maintenance of a golf course. So, the employees going to use these chemicals require specialized training so that they can handle and use these chemicals safely. There can be fatal consequences when these chemicals are not handled with care. This can lead to serious illness or even death. The superintendent should make sure that no unauthorized or untrained employee is allowed to touch chemicals. Only trained employees should handle and use these chemicals and that too when required.


Safety training

It is not even possible to keep the golf course in a well-maintained shape without using these chemicals and golf course equipment. There are many safety hazards involved in handling and using these chemicals and equipment. These consequences can be avoided by arranging safety training for employees.


So, it is the responsibility of the superintendent to make sure that proper safety training is conducted and attended by every single employee. The staff should be made aware of the possible safety issues and procedures for handling these safety issues. Document a safety plan and share it with all employees.


Security training

The tools, equipment, and supplies used in the golf course maintenance are very costly. Locked doors, fences, gated access, and motion sensor and touch sensor security systems are some of the best options available to you for security measures. However, the staff should be able to use these systems and one should not entirely rely on these systems. The importance of security training should not be ignored.

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