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How water infiltration can cause growing mold? How to take the necessary step?

So, have you ever had a problem with infiltration in your home? This will not be a problem for you after reading this text. Wanting to save money, most of the time we do it on our own and we end up spending a lot more than if we had hired a professional. The professional service has an experienced team and prepared to answer our questions and to indicate the products suitable for each application.

Before carrying out any work on water damage restoration or renovation, we must consult a specialist. A quality professional will answer all our questions and follow building standards effectively so we and our family can enjoy a safe, healthy and trouble-free home from poorly run services.

The outer walls must also be waterproofed

In cases where internal walls are presenting humidity problems, all previous causes should be investigated and, if this is the case with bathrooms, kitchen or service area, where water and sewage pipes can present leakage or rupture problems, causing infiltration. Otherwise, there will be constant growth of mold, cracks and damp walls. If we find any, we must immediately call for an expert for Mold Removal operation.

If the wall has contact with soil or a lot of exposure to water such as a garden area, for example, the idea is to make the waterproofing with cement-based products. Can be applied on top of the plaster. For the inner side of the wall, the waterproofing is done with a liquid elastic blanket. This product is applied before painting and it creates a layer on the wall thus avoiding water penetration, preventing the wall from getting wet and consequently retaining the water in the form of infiltration.

Damp and cracks

Cracks and/or cracks are common and happen by many factors. Usually, they are problems of accommodation of the ground, foundation and even by the great flow of heavy vehicles. The solution is to open a bit more crack space and apply a waterproofing product, there are also materials that expand in the application and seal any space that may exist. It is necessary to scrape the plaster in the region where there is infiltration and expect to dry. New in this problem and do not know what to do? Visiting the Review Restoration 1 on will be the smart step for us at first. Soon we will know the reason and how to solve it.

Conclusion: Private or condominium parts

A first analysis that is necessary to make is to establish the common property assets that are normally listed in every condominium regulation. The water infiltrations can take place through the pipes and in this case it is necessary to pay attention both to the drainage ones, which are the property of the condominium up to the connection with the pipe of the single apartment, and for the adduction ones where the property condominium goes up to the private counter, beyond these limits it is included in the exclusive ownership of each condominium.

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