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How Can the Piano Lessons In Brooklyn Make You Smarter


There are various new researches that are being made every day which suggests that regularly playing the piano is one of the best therapies which can be used to improve the cognitive skills. The studies have also shown learning the piano can even increase the IQ by 7 points, in both the children as well as the adult. Anyone can benefit from learning the piano. Experts have said continuously that there is relevant evidence that the musicians have a different structure of a brain, and also it functions in a different way. This is what makes the piano lessons in Brooklyn can do for you. Learning the piano can enhance the motor skills, boost your memory and can make you much sharper and smarter. There are some ways in which learning the piano can really help you.


Here is how the piano lessons in Brooklyn can make you smarter:


When you are learning to play the piano, you are teaching your brain to work faster and smarter. You will be going to play all the individual tasks together and that too in time and following the pitch. You have to hold your breath as well as maintain the posture while both your hands will be working independently from each other while trying to press the 88 identical black and white keys. You will also be working on the pedals in your feet and trying to make the music out of the sheet. The time you are sitting on a piano chair and playing the piano, you are actually allowing your brain to work out. You will also be enhancing your creative, logical, emotional, visual as well as the motor functions.


More brain power:

When you are learning or playing the piano, the mental structure of the brain is built in a way which is different from the other people. There are various scientific studies which have shown playing the piano also strengthens the bridge between the right as well as the left part of the brain. This is going to make the connection the frontal lobe much stronger as well as efficient. The piano lessons in Brooklyn also gives the ability to the person where he/she can solve any problem better, enhance skills like language, decision making, being spontaneous as well as improving the social behavior.


Thinking outside the box:

There has been various studies as well as researches that musicians think creatively and are divergent thinkers which means that they can come up with new solutions and are very open-minded. They are great at solving the multi-faced problems. This is so because playing the music can really help strengthen the part between the left and the right side of the brain, and, as a result of this the musicians think differently and can easily bring up a solution for the complex problems. There are great at coming up with a more creative solution than the person who does not play the piano.


Benefits irrespective of any age:

It is never too late in learning and playing the piano. Playing the piano is one of the best ways to maintain discipline, self-esteem. For children learning the piano can really work in improving academic skills. It is never too late to get the benefit of playing the piano. The adults who play the piano are very much sharper, active, free from depression, fatigue, as well as the anxiety. Music learning at an adult age can give you the feeling of increase in verbal communication, feeling of independence as well as the feeling of improvement in memory. Taking piano lessons in Brooklyn is one of the best ways to exercise your mind and provide a soothing feeling to your soul.


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