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History of Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco 

History of Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco 

All About Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco

Using premium American-grown cross-cut tobacco, Sir Walter Raleigh’s blends are like nothing else. These mellow burley blends are smooth, rich, and aromatic. When you smoke Sir Walter Raleigh’s blends, you’re sure to be satisfied! 

After all, this brand has been a leading name in pipe tobacco for almost 100 years! On top of that, their tobacco strains can be traced all of the ways back to the 1580s. 

Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco has a dedicated fan base of pipe smokers across America. Unfortunately, not many people are familiar with the rich history of these delicious tobacco blends. We’ve created this guide to fix that! 

A Rich American Tobacco History 

Known for bringing tobacco to England, Sir Walter Raleigh was an actual person. In case you’re unfamiliar with this fellow, here’s a little bit about his life. 

Walter Raleigh was an English gentleman who sailed to the Americas. Originally, he embarked on his journey in hopes of charting the New World. While he didn’t strike gold in literal terms, he found something that we think is even better: smoking tobacco. 

After rendezvousing with the local Native Americans, Walter Raleigh fell in love with smoking tobacco. In fact, he’s often credited with bringing it to England! Legends go so far as to suggest that he’s the original pioneer of mass-produced tobacco. 

An Interesting Smoking Anecdote

There’s even a funny story to go along with Sir Walter Raleigh’s tobacco legacy. As the story goes, Walter Raleigh was smoking tobacco at his camp one evening. Then, one of his servants walked in and saw the smoke gently rising around him. 

Unfamiliar with the practice of smoking tobacco, the servant thought that Walter Raleigh was on fire. Consequently, the servant promptly doused him in water. While this story has yet to be proven historically, it’s still an entertaining one to know. 

The Sir Walter Raleigh Brand 

Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco is named after the adventurous pioneer. Considering that without this man, tobacco may never have gained fame, this is fitting. 

The Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco brand has been around for decades. Today, it’s still one of the most popular pipe smoking options among thousands. 

Furthermore, many of the strains used in Sir Walter Raleigh Pipe Tobacco have been around since at least 1585! Therefore, when you smoke this tobacco, you’re getting a taste of true American history. 

Sir Walter Raleigh’s blends come delicately moistened and fresh for pipe stuffing. Choose from Original and Aromatic blends to meet your specific palette. Whatever blend you choose, you’ll get a relaxing and satisfying smoke that’s wonderfully rich and slightly sweet. 

Buy Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco Online

Now, you can purchase Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco online at amazing discount prices! To check out an impressive retailer of this tobacco for yourself, simply follow this link. From there, you’ll be taken directly to one of the top-rated online pipe tobacco retailers this year.  

Additionally, when you visit this website, you’ll have the option to buy in bulk. If you’re a frequent pipe smoker, this is a great way to save some money. On top of that, you’ll gain access to impressive bulk shipping discounts! 

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