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Cross-Promote On Different Other Social Media Channels And Know The Right Metrics For Wider Reach

If you want to increase your reach, one of the most effective ways is to promote your Instagram marketing strategy on other different social media platforms as well. There may be already a huge and trusted fan following of you and your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels. It is only prudent to invite these fans to follow you on Instagram as well. This will help you to cross-promote your brand thereby increasing your reach.

When you focus on cross-promoting, you will generate more exposure efficiently and effectively to your Instagram account and content. This will inevitably and eventually improve your brand image and at the same time bring down the expense of creating a new content.

Ideas of cross promotion

There are different ways and ideas of cross-promotion of a brand. It will depend on your specific brand, type of business and your social media goals as to which method you will choose. Here are a few ideas:

  • Post your Instagram content automatically on other accounts with the help of specific tools such as Hootsuite.
  • You can promote the video content designed for Instagram on Facebook or LinkedIn to drive the traffic back.
  • You can use relevant social media accounts to spread the word about the Instagram contests you have designed to increase your follower count.

If all are done effectively and perfectly, one or all of these strategies will help you to grow your Instagram marketing successfully one step at a time.

Track the right metrics

Once you have decided and implemented the strategies to promote your business on other social media channels, you will have to monitor and keep a track on your Instagram performance. This is the first step to improve it. Use different tools and software such as Like4Like to know about the results. Knowing the right metrics will provide you with measurable results to deal with and you can instantly have more efficiency and clarity.

However, you must know the right ways to track the right metrics so that you make the most out of your marketing efforts.  These ways include:

  • Follower Growth Rate: The number of followers of your brand is usually considered as the vanity metric, but the growth rate is not. You have to monitor the growth rate of your followers to have an idea about the content and posting frequency and to know the difference.
  • Engagement Rate: When you measure engagement such as the likes and comments you will have a better idea of the necessary changes and how to make it. For this, you will need to find out the average engagement percentage of the total followers and each post. This will give you a clear understanding.
  • URL Click-through Rate: Tracking this is however limited to the only link added in your Instagram bio. You will know the number of clicks and possible conversions.

When you monitor these metrics along with others such as an increase in hashtags and hashtag interaction, you will have a more effective market for your business on Instagram.

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